Why Shishyaa is one of the best schools in Wakad, Pune

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

While wandering in Pune you could probably come across “n” number of schools but what makes Shishyaa the best in Wakad

Shishyaa educational society was founded back in 2010 with a great aim of creating a passion for continuous learning and enriching lives.

The Shishyaa school in Wakad is renowned for the quality and performance of students whether it is academics, sports, extra-curricular or personal development

Our Uniqueness

What differentiates Shishyaa from the rest is its educational model, where students not only focus on academics but also participate in various sports and extracurricular activities for overall development. In Shishyaa, students get their own learning space and teachers adapt to the individual needs of the student

Students of Shishyaa

Shishyaa’s teaching methodology always put the accent on students and values their progress individually, on their level. The learning program perpetually revolves around each student’s goal, ambition and needs. The teachers act as mentor, coach and partner for the individual student to help them in achieving their long term goals.


The Shishyaa believes sports as a powerful tool for an educational establishment to use and can have a positive impact on children in areas such as discipline, attendance and behaviour. Shishyaa educational society always inspires our students to take part in various sports activities. The school is equipped with a multi-sports program for children aged 2 years and above like soccer, sliding, jumping, hopping etc…

Great Facilities

Safety & Security

A reliable security system with professional security personnel, designed and maintained in compliance with fire safety regulations

Uninterrupted Power supply

The School of Shishyaa is provided with a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply


The Shishyaa school oversees the safe delivery of all the students to and from the school, so the school is providing a well maintained, child-friendly buses for pick up and drop accompanied by a caregiver for safety purpose.


A well-equipped library that holds the latest books and toys and high-speed computers which leads a path to e-learning methodology for the holistic development of our children.

Health Checks

One thing that bothers the parents, is the well being and health of their loved ones. Several thoughts run through the parent’s mind from the moment the child boards on the bus or enters into the school campus. So with a delicate care Shishyaa has an expert team of child psychologists for taking care of the child’s mental health and partnered with Oyster n Pearl to take care of pediatric, opthal and dental checks.

Arts & Culture

We believe that students should have wide exposure to their cultural heritage and should be provided with an opportunity to develop their talents in a creative atmosphere through the study of art, music, drama and speech. In that point of view, Shishyaa gives equal importance to arts and cultural development. The Shishyaa school allows students to showcase their talents in tabla, singing, drama, roleplay, elocution competition, recitation competition.

This can be utilized at school through structured play and drama to encourage pupils to learn actively and interactively throughout the primary years and across the curriculum.

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