“True Leaders always practice the Three R’s:
Respect for Self, Respect for Others,
Responsibility for all their actions”

Why choose Shishyaa?


The Shishyaa School is one of the finest schools in Pune. Ideally located in Wakad, Pune. Apart from the Syllabus we teach, we nurture the students to follow the three R’s makes students of Shishyaa shine bright on both knowledge and behaviour. We believe a school isn't made up of bricks, colours and books. It is fun, freedom and experience that lay the foundation. The theory is important but it is, Experience that is perpetual

A good, stable foundation is key to any child's future and we at The Shishyaa school believe in guiding the child to unleashing their vast untapped potential. Shishyaa focusses on more than just memorization and emphasises on intelligence both intellectually and emotionally.

What We Offer
Extra Curricular

Shiishyaans immerse themselves in the world of Music, yoga, gardening, art and craft.


Enhancing fine motor skills, language skills, general knowledge, motor-perception development skills and IQ

Play Area

Sand-pit and water play area that is well managed, hygienic and under proper supervision

Go Green

Tree plantation drives to increase awareness. Children are taught to be environment conscious


Well equipped classrooms with the latest books and toys for the holistic development of our children

Old is Gold

Shiishyaans visit Old age homes connecting them and experiencing their first taste of Social Work


The Facilities we offer also includes well-equipped classrooms with the latest books and toys for the holistic development of our children and packed with Interactive Programs, a Medical Team capable of handling any emergencies and Yearly Pediatric, Opthal, Dental checkups in partnership with

Oyster n Pearl

Art & Craft
Computer Lab

With the latest models of computers and latest software available at Shiishyaa, the children learn quickly and easily 


Children can take ill easily so Shiishyaa has a medical team capable of handling any or all emergencies

Safety & Security

Shishyaa is constructed, designed and maintained in compliance with fire safety regulations.

Transport Facilities

Well-maintained, child friendly buses for pickup and drop accompanied by a care giver for safety purposes

Multi-media room

With the latest audio-video aids for watching, listening and educating students through interactive programs

Mental Health

A Child's mental health is delicate, So Shishyaa has an Expert team of counselors and child psychologists


Well equipped classrooms with the latest books and toys for the holistic development of our children

Sports Facilities

We have multi sports program for children aged 2 year and above like soccer, sliding, jumping, hoping etc

Health Checkups

Shishyaa has Pediatric, Opthal and Dental checkups, once-a-year in a partnership with Oyster N Pearl

The Shishyaa School, Wakad offers schooling for the
Pre Primary, Primary, Special Need and Day-Care and ensures that personal attention and care is paid to each student.

Pre - Primary

Toddlers are supposed to be the most difficult to handle, here The Shiishyaa School, the terrible twos are considered the best time for exploratory learning. 

Special Needs

We at The Shiishyaa provide to the children with special needs a comprehensive educational program that is intensive, specially designed and scientifically validated.


At the Shiishyaa School, Children learn adhering to the highest international standards and are evaluated continuously and comprehensively with class tests.


Worried about Baby sitters? The Shiishyaa School offers highly qualified supervisors and attendants who genuinely care for your child and will focus on hobby development.

 We also keep our children active with In house competitions, Knowledge-based regular assessments and  CSR activities like visiting the Orphanages or Old-age homes. Adding a jewel to the crown. The Shishyaa School, Wakad was awarded 9th in India for Pedagogy